Bee House complete with Bee Cocoons


Spring - Ships with Mason Bees

Summer - Ships with Leafcutter Bees

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House Specifications:

  • Made of stained pine (organic stain)
  • 2″ overhang to protect nesting bees from the rain
  • Sturdy hanging plate in back for easy installation and removal
  • Size: 5" H x 5" W x 9" D

Nesting tube bundle accommodates both Mason Bees (8mm tubes) and Leafcutter Bees (6mm tubes). The nesting tube bundle has 40 tubes (10 Leafcutter Bee Natural Reeds, 10 Leafcutter Bee Carboard tubes, 10 Mason Bee Natural Reeds, 10 Mason Bee Carboard Tubes)

Spring season shipments include 20 cocoons of gentle Mason Bees.

Summer season shipments includes 50 gentle Leafcutter Bees.

Note: The nesting materials/tubes included in our Combos will NOT fill the house entirely. The bit of open space between the nesting materials and the roof allows for easy placement and removal of the nesting materials and allows room for you to be creative. Some people choose to fill the gap with colorful artistic materials, and others choose to purchase additional nesting materials to fill the space. The choice is yours!

All product sales are final. No refunds only exchange for bee house or nesting material in case of breakage. Items will need to be shipped back to Pollinate Canada to facilitate exchanges. No refunds or returns on bee cocoons. In some cases of damage during shipment we will consider sending additional cocoons.